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Art with a Purpose

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The story of Orchidea Artistry began with a visit to Italy - a global epicenter of art, history, and culture. Moved by the cultural richness and breathtaking beauty of the Italian landscapes, Chayce was inspired to launch a digital space where art enthusiasts could find pieces that move them. Orchidea Artistry offers a varied collection of handcrafted pieces that channel the universal human experiences of love, loss, joy, and suffering. This collection melds creativity and vision into moving and authentic one-of-a-kind art.



Art with a Purpose

For us, art isn't just about aesthetic, it's about connection. We believe that art can be a source of comfort, inspiration, expression, and belonging. We believe that we all share responsibility for creating a more just and equitable world. As part of that mission, we donate a portion of our proceeds directly to grassroots advocacy organizations who support marginalized communities. With each piece of art purchased through Orchieda Artistry, you can spread beauty to women and girls across the world. Browse our site and find your next piece today.




Chayce believes that art connects people across languages, geography, and time. She hopes that her art, much like her work as an attorney, will enrich the lives of those around her and convey human stories of love, loss, joy, and suffering. Her art is inspired by her upbringing in rural Iowa and passion for international travel. Chayce is an adventurous foodie, an avid runner, and a fierce human rights advocate. When she isn't painting, Chayce can be found hiking with her husband or curled up with her rescue dogs and a book.

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At Orchidea Artistry, our goal is to connect you with beautiful art that moves you and makes a difference. Whether you’re an avid collector or a newbie making your first art purchase, our collection delivers handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that convey emotion, promote good, and elevate your space. We can’t wait to embark on this artistic journey with you. Start browsing and give us a call today. In addition to the available works listed below, you can always request a quote for a commissioned piece. Please be sure to inquire about shipping and delivery costs at the time of purchase. Though we are happy to arrange for quick and cautious shipping to your location, shipping fees are not included in the list price.

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"Art is not always about pretty things. It's about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected."

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1726 Logan Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa, USA 50316


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